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Rules and Regulations

  1. All library users must fill a library registration card at the beginning of every session. Any library staff has the duty to prohibit entry to any user who is unable to produce the library identity card on demand.
  2. Library users are required to surrender all books in their possessions to the library security staff for checking when going out of the Library
  3. Willful or malicious damage of library books shall attract severe disciplinary measure. In this connection, annotations and tracing of library books are strongly condemned.
  4. Library users will be held responsible, for books issued to or consulted by them and for loss of or damage to such books.
  5. Smoking and loud conversations or other objectionable practices are forbidden in the Library
  6. Silence must be observed at all times in the library premises.
  7. Bags, brief cases, umbrellas, walking sticks, and other personal possessions, except books, are to be deposited at owners risk in the places provided for them outside the library.
  8. All cases of stealing, mutilation and defacing of library materials are wicked and totally reprehensible. They are serious breach of trust and will attract severe disciplinary measures.
  9. Non- library staff shall not post any bill or place notice upon any part of the Polytechnic Library.
  10. A person who is offensively unclean in person or dressing may be forbidden from entering the library.
  11. The Polytechnic Librarian reserves the right to exclude or remove any person from the Library for the proper use and administration of it.
  12. The use of cell phone is prohibited in the library.
  13. Leave all usead books on the table.
  14. Borrowing of library materials and renewal of loan must be done at the loans desk and in person. Neither transaction is allowed to be done by proxy.
  15. Materials which do not ordinarily circulate and which may not be removed from the library include all such titles marked, "For Referenced Only” and "Not for Loan”, as well as all the books in the Reference Library. In special circumstances, the Polytechnic Librarian may at his direction permit such books to be borrowed for a limited period. The decision of the Polytechnic Librarian in such cases shall be final.
  16. No serial publications, including newspapers, may be removed from the library except as provided for.
  17. A reader is not entitled to retain any periodical or book other than the one he is actually reading or consulting.
  18. Returned books must be delivered at the loan desk. If on examination the book is found to have sustained any damage, the reader may be required to pay the cost of its replacement. Neglect to pay for any loss or damage will remain a debt due for the reader.

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